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Smart Home locks handel & Home Lock Door

Security Features for Smart Home locks living

DND Lock
Stainless Steel 304 Grade
Past Unlocking Records
External Power Port
Autolocking System
  • Advance Capacitive Fingerprint Identification

    Liveness detection.Superior performance with enhanced accuracy and speed.identifies you in less than 0.4 second

  • Share Temporary Codes, Not Keys

    Simply Create a temporary Code for Your airbnd guest on the lock or via smartphone app. the code will automatically expire

  • Quick Tap Entry

    13.56MHz frequency Smart Technology. perfect for people like and elderly

  • Intuitive Led Display And Voice Guide

    Intuitive OLED Display Voice Guide use touchscreen to simply add or delete user on the device. an OLED With intuitive information and voice prompt will make you through the voice process

Smart Home Lock handle
Smart Home ock handle
  • Control From Anywhere

    Lock and unlock door wherever you are with your smartphone.

  • Real-Time Alerts &Logs

    Get notified whenever someone opens or unlocks your door.

  • Offline Access Code

    Share your offline or one time access code with your guest.

  • No WIFI ? No Problem

    Unique One time Password technology unlike Conventional smart or digital locks, there's no need to be near you mortise to set up pin codes for Your guest. Thanks to your proprietary . you can quickly access codes on the go.

  • Build Quality

    Beautiful designed with the highest quality materials, Crysec secure smart locks can withstand the harshest weather condition from wet to freezing temperatures to extreme heat.

Smart lock
  • SPV Safe Pin

  • Fingerprint

  • Touchpad

  • Physical Key

  • Mobile Access

  • Access Card

  • Easy Set-up Via Mobile App

  • Use Emergency Battery Jumpstart

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